Opharmic is a platform technology company, specializing in the development of ultrasound-based solutions for a variety of therapeutic areas.
Found in 2016 with a strong track record of innovation and a commitment to collaboration, the team is dedicated to developing novel solutions that improves patients wellbeing and empower healthcare providers alike.
Aiming to replace eye injections, our clinical development started with a focus in ophthalmology
Our first technology platform, MeticTouch®, is a non-invasive ultrasound-based system for ocular drug delivery.

Extensively validated in preclinical studies and compatible to a wide range of therapeutics, Opharmic’s goal is to replace invasive injections to becoming the standard of care for retinal diseases management.
Whether one is a patient seeking better treatment options or a medical professional looking for innovative solutions, Opharmic Technology is committed to providing cutting-edge technology solutions.
Company History
Company Formation
Admission to HKSTP Incu-Bio Programme
Completion of Seed Round Fundraising
Patent filing of core technology
Development of MeticTouch®
Non-invasive Ocular Drug Delivery Platform
Graduation from HKSTP Incu-Bio Programme
Completion of Preclinical Validations for MeticTouch®
Development of MeticStim
Ultrasound Cell Stimulation Platform
1st Commercial partnership for MeticTouch®
1st Commercial project for MeticStim
Company ISO13485 certification
Completion of Pre-A Round Fundraising
2nd Commercial partnership for MeticTouch®
Who we are
Our Founder
Langston Suen PH.D
With a Ph.D. in Chemical and Nanoparticle Engineering from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Langston's passion for healthcare innovation was ignited when he witnessed the benefits of targeted drug therapy for his mother's lung cancer.

Fueled by a passion for healthcare innovation, Langston developed a groundbreaking technology using ultrasound, which led to the founding of Opharmic, a company dedicated to improving patient outcomes and transforming the future of healthcare. Under Langston's leadership, Opharmic has achieved significant milestones, including the commercialization of their flagship technology, MeticTouch®. This revolutionary approach has the potential to replace invasive eye injections and has positioned Opharmic as a leading provider of novel medical solutions using ultrasound.
Beyond Opharmic, Langston actively contributes to the growth of the biotech and entrepreneurship ecosystems in Hong Kong and Asia. Serving in advisory and mentorship roles, he wish to leverage his expertise to foster innovation and development in these industries.
Our Culture
Opharmic is driven by individuals with a genuine passion for their work. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity and continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation.
Being our team member means becoming part of a community that embarks on a mission to create life-changing impact.

We value the inclusion of every individual's voice and foster an inclusive culture that embraces this commitment. Our team exemplify the richness of diversity, reflecting our dedication to creating a dynamic and collaborative environment.
Our Awards
Forbes, 2022
Asia "100 to Watch"
MassChallenge Switzerland & Healthcare Accelerator, 2022
(ON-GOING) Finalist
MedTech Innovator APAC, 2021
Grand Prize Winner
Cambridge Consultants Product Development Award, 2021
45th International Exhibition of Invention Geneva, 2017
Prize of the State of Geneva Prize of ULBS Romania
IET Innovation Award (Healthcare), 2016
Deloitte Raising Star Award, 2017
We Solve For X, 2015
Moonshot Project
Kairos Society K50, 2015
Global Top 50 Startup
Rice Business Plan Competition, 2015
TiE International Business Plan Competition, 2015
Winner (Hong Kong) Winner (Asia)
Asia Raising Star Award