During these difficult times, people in different areas around the world, are all contributing to combat the pandemic. We at Opharmic are doing everything we can to support fighting the virus.

While our operations and R&D activities are well on track thanks to technology, to ensure the safety and well-being of our team, we’re adopting a WFH + flexible office schedule in order for our staffs to minimise public contacts. In light of the recent stabilisation of low new case numbers in Hong Kong, our tentative date of return back to normal office hours is 4 May 2020. Should there be any changes in situation, this shall be revised accordingly.

To contribute in the recovery of our society post-pandemic, we are currently developing various measures and programmes including special vacancies for 2020 graduates. Should you have any questions regarding Opharmic, or ideas in how our company/ ultrasound technology may contribute to combating the pandemic, we welcome you to contact us for further discussion at info@opharmic.com.

Stay safe.