Four years ago, we were young graduates filling in our Incu-Bio application in a corner of a university computer barn, with a vision to bring our ultrasound ocular drug delivery innovation from bench to bedside.

From Sonikure to Opharmic, on 28 Dec 2019, the company officially graduated from the Hong Kong Science Park Incu-Bio Programme after an extremely rewarding journey. Below is a summary on what we’ve achieved:

  • Gained 13 awards and recognitions
  • Participated in 80+ local and international events
  • Completed development of our first engineering prototype
  • Further validated our technology in pre-clinical studies
  • Received more than HK$4.5 million in funding support
  • Raised our seed round of US$1.5 million
  • And more…

Special thanks to Hong Kong Science & Technology Park and all their amazing teams for everything they’ve done. From hours after hours of investors introduction meetings, to that cold beer together after a day of fruitful event overseas.

Stay tuned for our graduation ceremony in 2020! It’s a brand-new page for us here at Opharmic, and we can only see unlimited opportunities and exciting challenges ahead of us.